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#SteveReviews: Uncharted Amazon

Sometimes you just want to watch something and unwind after a long day. That means you’re looking for something that isn’t too complex or hard to follow, until at least you’ve had a chance to have a cuppa and recover from the day you’ve just had. So, scrolling through the selection of wildlife documentaries on Netflix, I came across Uncharted Amazon, which I think fits the bill. There is only a single episode which is just under and hour in length, which takes the viewer on an adventure deep into the heart of the world’s largest rainforest. Unlike other series that have covered the Amazon (and its creatures before), Uncharted Amazon focusses more one the less appreciated species, such as insects and freshwater turtles, which is great to see. These species deserve just as much conservation attention as any other, and by simply raising the awareness of their existence through this documentary film, we’re one step closer to getting there.

One of my favourite scenes demonstrates what the invertebrates of the rainforest do when it floods, they start to run up the trees to escape the rising water levels. This may make sense now, but up until that point, I had no idea they did this. Having been in a flooded rainforest, I never observed this, but it did mean that things were perfect for amphibians (which is what we were trying to find). It is moments like this that help the viewer to appreciate the myriad of species that call rainforests like the Amazon their home.

Towards the end of Uncharted Amazon, the film spends some time shedding light on the critical environmental issues that the rainforest faces, such as how humankind shapes the landscape through the use of chainsaws (and other machinery). I’m sure we’re all aware of the significant of preserving this unique ecosystem and the vital role the Amazon plays in regulating the Earth’s climate. It skillfully balances thrilling escapades with a strong conservation message, making it more than just an action-packed entertainment. If you’re a fan of nature documentaries and looking for something to watch to unwind, give Uncharted Amazon a watch!

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