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#SteveReviews: Rattled

One thing I will never get tired of is amazing documentaries on reptiles and amphibians. Thankfully, Rattled by The Orianne Society is on of these. In this short, captivating and insightful documentary a spotlight shines on one of the most misunderstood creatures of the natural world: snakes. Released in 2024 (after premiering in 2023), this documentary offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating lives of these often-feared reptiles, presenting a compelling narrative that challenges common misconceptions and fosters a newfound appreciation for their ecological importance. The documentary takes viewers on a journey into the diverse habitats inhabited by snakes in the Appalachians and highlights their threats from habitat loss to ophidiomycosis.

Through stunning cinematography and expert commentary from leading herpetologists, Rattled provides a comprehensive overview of snake behaviour, ecology, and conservation. One of the most striking aspects of Rattled is its emphasis on dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding snakes. By highlighting their vital role in maintaining balanced ecosystems and controlling pest populations, the documentary encourages viewers to reevaluate their perceptions of these often-maligned animals. Through intimate encounters with a variety of snake species, viewers gain a deeper understanding of their unique adaptations and behaviours, such as the stealthy hunting tactics of rattlesnakes.

Furthermore, Rattled does not shy away from addressing the threats facing snake populations. However, the documentary also offers hope by showcasing the inspiring work of conservation organisations like The Orianne Society, dedicated to protecting snakes and their habitats through research, education, and advocacy. The documentary is expertly narrated, with a balance of scientific expertise and accessible storytelling that makes it engaging for audiences of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned herpetologist or simply curious about the natural world, Rattled offers something for everyone, providing an immersive and educational experience that leaves a lasting impression. The only issue I found with it, is that at 22 minutes in length, I wish it was a little longer!

Rattled is a must-watch documentary that sheds light on the mysterious and often-misunderstood world of snakes. Thankfully, you can watch it in full down below, enjoy!

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