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#SteveReviews: Blue Planet 2

Due to ongoing events, I’ve been trying to keep to a regular schedule of posts since the lockdown began. This is partly to keep you guys entertained but also to help build a routine for me to follow. With this in mind, this current blog is my 100th post since starting back in early 2018. It’s because of this, I’m going to review something special to mark the occasion: Blue Planet II. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough and featuring an original score by legendary composer Hans Zimmer, the series was always destined to be a hit.

Blue Planet II aired in later 2017, shortly after I’d started my Master’s Degree at Imperial College London. I can remember a number of us (30-40) crowded into a room with our cups of tea and snacks to see us through. As someone studying among a community of conservationists and ecologists, this was quite the weekly highlight. There was laughter, cheer and tears – all signs of a worthwhile nature documentary. Blue Planet II has been praised for it’s score, breathtaking cinematography and what has been dubbed as the ‘Attenborough Effect’.

The series was the first BBC landmark series to graphically highlight the effects of single use plastic on wildlife. Not only has this highlighted the impact Attenborough has but also the willingness of people to change their behaviour after they’ve become aware of the problem. Many documentaries before tried to achieve this, but done have done so in the same manner as Blue Planet II. As with most modern day documentaries, the series could have been more technical and focus more on conservation but it was still pretty effective.

What did you think of the series? If you haven’t already seen it, do but be sure to watch the trailer below first!

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