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Month: June 2019

#SciFri: A quick fieldwork update

As many of you will be aware, I am almost 2 months into my PhD fieldwork. So far it’s had it’s ups and downs which have been mainly in part due to the weather and the somewhat unpredictable nature of…

#StevesLibrary: The Hidden Life of Trees

I recently read The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben and generally thought it was a engaging read. In the book, Wohlleben shares his deep love and knowledge of forests drawing on decades of experience working within German forestry….

#StevesLibrary: The Pebbles on the Beach

If you’ve read my previous #StevesLibrary post then you will have probably found out that I have quite the passion for geology. That brings us to the latest book I recently put down, The Pebbles on the Beach by Clarence…

#SciFri: Skype a Scientist

A couple of weeks ago I Skyped a classroom in Qatar to present a quick presentation to a classroom of kindergarten children on my research as well as the importance of amphibians and reptiles. If you’d like to learn more…