Due to my crusade of science communication, I am sometimes asked by friends and other producers to appear on their podcasts to discuss aspects of my research or general herpetological goings on. This is an experience I very much enjoy, although once I get speaking I sometimes get a little carried away! Below is a list of the podcasts I've appeared on, speaking on various topics for you to enjoy. If you run a podcast and you'd like to feature, please do get in touch. To listen to each of the podcasts, just click on the podcast images to be sent to the appropriate podcast hosting website.

Herpetological Highlights

At the 2017 Venom Day held at Bangor University, I bumped into Tom Major who asked if I wanted to record an interview for Herpetological Highlights. I of course jumped on this opportunity as I though it would be a great way to raise some awareness of my midwife toad related research which had gained traction that year. So one afternoon we went to the pub to sit down, have a pint and discuss midwife toads Herpetological Highlights was my first podcast appearance and helped me get my foot in the door!

The Naked Scientists

In May 2019, I travelled to Cambridge to record an interview with The Naked Scientists at the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Studio. This was somewhere I'd been numerous times before for various radio appearances regarding the reptiles and amphibians of Cambridge and the surrounding area. As part of the podcast I discussed the speed of a snake's strike, how quickly their venom acts as well as other venomous animals. The podcast was being recorded live and broadcast over BBC Radio Cambridgeshire so apologies if I sound a tad nervous!

Reptile n Chill

In September 2019, I was part of a team running a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the sequencing leg of our ongoing national midwife toad project. We're trying to determine the origin of the UK's midwife toad populations by comparing their mitochondrial DNA to a reference library to see which population(s) they match best. As part of this I was asked to appear on the Reptile n Chill podcast to explain why they money was needed and what we were going to do with it. Whilst answering questions, I also took the time to discuss the importance of herpetofauna conservation and how anyone can get involved up and down the country.

UK Wildlife Podcast

As spring came around, my friend Neil Phillips (also known as Pond Man on social media) asked me to appear on his fledgling podcast (co-host by wildlife photographer Victoria Hillman) to discuss frogs and toads. March is the time of year when most people start to see them return to their breeding ponds so we tackled a number of questions as well as exploring the species one might find in the UK. All three of us love amphibians so it was quite a fun podcast to be involved with. We also briefly touched on the ongoing midwife toad research and hopefully they will have me back before the end of the year to discuss newts!

The Herpetile Podcast

For those of you that don't know, The Herpetile Podcast is a fledgeling podcast organised and hosted by a 10 year-old Australian herpetologist called Nash. He approached me via Twitter and after some back and forth via email, we recorded an episode of the podcast. Let me tell you something now, Nash is going places so watch this space! Nash had clearly done his homework as a number of his questions were spot on in regards to my research and general interests in herpetology. We briefly discussed by current PhD research as well as a number of other topics. It is definitely worth a listen!

Alien Places

The Alien Places Podcast is a follow-up to Atul Kumar's book of the same name. In the book, Atul travels the globe with an alien who believes that humankind is heading for extinction. On these travels, 10 locations around the world are visited to provide a cultural and environmental background for our species. Atul also recommends both movies and songs for the alien to enjoy to put what it has seen into perspective. After reviewing the book I was asked to appear on the podcast to reveal three places I'd take the alien and why, as well as recommending a piece of music and a film associated with each.