In the news

As a research scientist I think it's important to help make your research more accessible by producing press releases, to disseminate your findings to a wider audience. Whether or not it gets picked up by a news outlet is an entirely different story! I also think scientists should work to combat misinformation in the media, breaking down misconceptions about the field they study. Unfortunately amphibians and reptiles have a global image problem but thankfully some people will listen to sense. Listed below are a number of examples where my conservation actions, research and comments have been published by various media outlets.


Cambridge Independent - Toad ladders installed in Cambridge to save amphibians from death traps


Cambridge Independent - Concern for Cambridge's late-waking amphibians

University of Kent - DICE PhD candidate Steven Allain featured in BBC Wildlife magazine


BBC News - Snake on loose in Cambridge is 'risk to small animals'

The Telegraph - 'Escaped' Cambridge python probably still at home, says expert

Cambridge News - This is where the escaped 9ft Cambridge python is likely to be

Cambridge News - Missing nine-foot python is STILL on the loose

BBC News - Cambridge python: Escaped 9ft snake recaptured


University of Kent - DICE PhD candidate Steven Allain discovers new species of parasitic worm

Cambridge Independent - Helping to save the lives of Cambridge’s threatened population of toads