Science Communication

It may be no surprise to you all that I like to write about the science I do in order to raise awareness of it's worth. As a scientist I feel we have a duty to help disseminate scientific information in a format that everybody can understand. Science communication is the main way as scientists/researchers we can help bridge the gap between our own work and the understanding of society. In order to do this I blog to inform the general public about science in general, with a few opinion pieces based on my own knowledge and experience. Below is a list of some of these blogs and other pieces I have authored that aren't hosted by any of the sites in the 'Science Communication' sidebar.

Student Newspapers

During my Master's Degree I got involved with writing articles about conservation for the student newspaper, Felix. These articles were a mix of success stories as well as underappreciated conservation efforts that the average reader may not be aware of. This weekly column was called 'Connect with Conservation' for obvious reasons and thanks to the wonders of the digital age, you can find all of my articles at the link below. Since starting my PhD I've been writing a similar column for InQuire, the University of Kent student newspaper. Again you can find a link to my articles below.

Felix Logo InQuire

Blog Posts etc


The Herpetological Society of Ireland - Photographic Diary: Borneo Field Trip


Chytrid Crisis - Tracking Chytrid in Madagascar

Gecko Time - Stories on the Geckos of Mount Kinabalu

A Herpetologist's Adventures in Borneo (video)


The Biochemist Blog - Venom: killer but also a potential cure


PhDetails - #46 Steven Allain

SAVE THE FROGS! - The Common Toad is in Trouble

Reptile N Chill Podcast - Steven Allain and Midwife Toads!

Reptile N Chill

SAVE THE FROGS! - The Story OF The Introduced Marsh Frog

Society for Conservation Biology - In Memoriam- The Man Who Loved Frogs

Save The Snakes - Studying the barred grass snake in the UK: A dream come true


Another way I like to engage interested parties in my research and conservation work is by presenting a number of talks on various aspects or projects, that I feel they would find interesting. This also includes speaking at conferences and updating the scientific community with advances in my research (with more information on my Research page). Below is a list of the talks I've presented to both scientific audiences and non-scientific ones:

11th February 2016 - Midwife toads in Cambridge (Anglia Ruskin Wildlife Society)

23rd November 2017 - Amphibian conservation and midwife toads in Cambridge (Cambridge Conservation Forum)

2nd December 2017 - Investigating the presence of the amphibian chytrid fungus in a non-native species (Joint Scientific Meeting, Bournemouth)

4th February 2018 - Investigating the presence of the amphibian chytrid fungus in a non-native species (Herpetofauna Workers Meeting, Northampton)

19th April 2018 - Investigating Chytrid Fungus (University of Southampton Herpetological Society)

23rd November 2019 - Where did the midwife toads come from? (Hampshire and Isle of Wight Amphibian and Reptile Group)