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#StevesLibrary: Improbable Destinies

Knowing the author’s name from the world of herpetology, I was expecting there to be slightly more about his research on anoles from the get go. However this is restricted to a single chapter, which in itself is interesting enough….

#StevesLibrary: How to Build a Dinosaur

Now with a title like that, you’d expect the book to deliver right? Well you can be sure that it does! I first read this book during my undergraduate days and passed it between a few friends (who were dying…

#StevesLibrary: Darwin’s Island

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that aside from relevant natural history books, I am also very fond of reading books on the history of science. In this book, evolutionary biologist Steve Jones celebrates the bicentennial of Darwin’s…

#StevesLibrary: What is Life?

Interestingly enough I acquired my copy of What is Life? by a regular at the pub I used to work behind the bar at in Cambridge. He had become quite frustrated and knowing I was an avid reader of popular…