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#StevesLibrary: The Sea Inside

Some of you may aware of the author Philip Hoare from his previous book Leviathan (which I’m still yet to read) which documented decline of whales as well as their beauty. The Sea Inside moves away from this format instead being more of a memoir although it is very familiar if you’ve read any of Hoare’s previous work. The Sea Inside is a metaphor for the journey the reader goes on, finding out more about the writer as well as going on a cultural and historical voyage across oceans to meet whales and dolphins.

Personally I feel the book is a little slow to get going but once it is there, it’s worth it (just like Breaking Bad). As well as recounting stories of the multiple times he’s seen cetaceans in their natural habitat, Hoare also explores a number of other figures and scientists that have made an impact on the areas he visited. This opens up a world of further reading and intrigue that is bound to keep anyone busy for very long time! It’s always great to learn more about the influences of certain people as most people are unaware of the specific researchers working within certain fields. For example, I am clueless as to who is prominent in the butterfly research community or wolf research community.

The Sea Inside was a change of pace from the books I usually read, being a bit more romantic and less scientific. However this was welcome as it is beautifully written and the author does a perfect job of taking us on the journey with him. Hopefully I’ll be able to craft such a thought provoking book someday in the future.


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