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#StevesLibrary: Bad Science

It should be stated first that the author Ben Goldacre (who you may recognised from TV, indeed I first saw him on an episode of QI) also has a website and a former weekly column in The Guardian of the same name as the title of his book. Bad Science was published in 2008 and despite it being a little outdated by today’s view, it tackles some of the issues that still plague us today. When I first read the book back in 2016 I instantly recommended it to a number of friends who either bought their own copies or borrowed mine.

In Bad Science, Goldacre drives a stake through the heart of a number of pseudoscientific claims – which back when the book was written covered a list as long as my arm! It wouldn’t surprise me if Goldacre is working on a follow-up to further squash quack claim of modern day pseudoscientists much in the way Thunderf00t does on his YouTube channel. Such areas covered are the MMR vaccine debate (my personal favourite and one that shouldn’t even exist), detox diets and other fascicle claims being passed off as science. If you’re the sort of person with an open mind and a love for stamping out bullshit as if it were flaming zombie spiders, then this is a read for you!


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