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#SteveReviews: Birders

When it comes to conservation it is clear that nature doesn’t care about our geographic borders, after all they are only lines on a map. Most borders do not have a physical barrier to prevent the movement of animals or people between the two territories. Even if they did, birds are one group of animals that can pass on right through due to their natural superpower of flight. Given how uncertain times are at the moment with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the global political landscape, it’s great to see a refreshing documentary. Birders documents ornithologists (people that study birds) and their efforts on both sides of the Rio Grande in both the US and Mexico, as it is a haven for migrating birds.

Some of these species will migrate all the way from Canada and back again come the spring, migrating south through Texas to stock up on food before continuing their migration further south. This gives ornithologists the perfect opportunity to study the birds and ring them on this trip, allowing individual birds to be recognised later. Some of this habitat has unfortunately been developed (there is a surprise) however portions of it are being restored and reforested to provide birds safe migration flyways. Of course, with the birds come a whole community of people to see them. Twitchers pay good money to visit and stay in the area in the hope of ticking a few more species off of their life list, yet another reason to help protect the area and the wildlife is supports.

It’s great to see that the Americans don’t share the same views or animosity towards the human migrants, as they do the avian ones. Perhaps this boundary is a way to help change those views and attitudes. Birds have no concept of boundaries and perhaps we can learn a lot more from them than we originally thought.

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